Sala de Graus - Facultat de Dret - Universitat de Girona 12th and 13th march 10 Speakers Untill 40 Attendants

International Award of Legal Culture 2020.

Workshop about Susan Haack's work

Since its foundation, the Chair of Legal Culture of the University of Girona has set out to establish an international award of Legal Culture to recognise the trajectory and contribution from jurists and researchers from other areas of knowledge   who have had a significant impact on the development of the legal culture and on the evolution of our institutions.


In light of this, we have decided to present the 2020 International Award of Legal Culture to Dr Susan Haack, for her entire career in the fields of epistemology, the philosophy of logic, the philosophy of law and the philosophy of science, in which she has published essential reference works, with a strong impact on the study of law.


To provide a framework for academic debate at the award ceremony, we will organise a two-day workshop during which the award-winning author will present two papers and five other researchers will present papers inspired by the work of Professor Susan Haack and its importance for the study of law. In the same context, we will present Susan Haack's latest book in Spanish: Filosofía del derecho y de la prueba. Perspectivas pragmatistas.


The registration to the workshop is free, but required for organisational purposes.


09:30    Susan Haack (University of Miami):
"Proof, Probability, and Statistics: The Problem of 'Delusive Exactness'" 

11:15    Coffee break 

11:35    Nicola Muffato (Università degli Studi di Trieste): 
             "Dos concepciones del razonamiento judicial". 

13:20    Break lunch 

15:00    Presentation of the book: 

                "Filosofía del derecho y de la prueba. Perspectivas pragmatistas"
                 Susan Haack (Universitat de Miami) author of the book.
                 Carmen Vázquez (Universitat de Girona) translater to Spanish.
                 Daniel González Lagier (Universidad de Alicante)

16:45     Josep Lluís Prades (Universitat de Girona): 
"Causalidad, responsabilidad y la identidad de los sucesos". 

17:30     Coffee break

17:50     Manuel Atienza (Universidad de Alicante): "El pragmatismo jurídico de Susan Haack" 

19:35     Closure 
09:30     Richard Wright (Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent College of Law): 
                "Legal Proof: Foundherentism and Statistical Evidence" 

11:15     Coffee break 

11:45     Brian Bix (University of Minnesota): 
              "For Susan Haack: Reflections on Truth in Law"

13:20     Lunch break

15:00     Susan Haack (University of Miami)
                "Legal Philosophy as Philosophy" 
16:45     Coffee break

17:15     Ceremony of the International Award of Legal Culture 2020 to professor Susan Haack 

                Josep Joan Moreso (Universitat Pompeu Fabra): 
Laudatio de Susan Haack.


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